Heterogeneous Cross-chain Protocol


Application Chain

Development Framework


Darwinia ChainRelay is a super light-client ChainRelay. It allows us to upgrade the single-chain application protocols to cross-chain versions, which include but not limited to Defi, Game, DEX, NFT Market, etc.


Mainnet Stage

The Darwinia mainnet launch will be a progressive process, divided into several stages to unlock main functional modules. Currently, we are at stage five, please keep tuned for more bridges launched.


Stage 0

Mainnet launched

Stage 1


Stage 2

Ethereum - Darwinia Unidirectional

Cross-chain Bridge

Stage 3

Ethereum - Darwinia Bidirectional

Cross-chain Bridge

Stage 4


Stage 5


Cross-chain Bridge (Constantly update)

Tech Innovation

Darwinia Network decentralized cross-chain bridge technology innovation combines cutting-edge cryptography technology, game verification games, and super light client technologies to achieve decentralization in the cross-chain transfer process and completely eliminate third-party participation throughout the process.

Darwinia Bridge Protocol

Darwinia’s cross-chain token bridge solution is a two-way cross-chain token bridge based on chain relay. The chain relay we are going to develop adopts the design of the Darwinia Sublinear Relay, which has better performance and economic feasibility.


Darwinia ChainRelay

Darwinia Bridge takes Chain Relay approach because it's truth based. With innovations like Merkle Mountain Range and Optimistic Verification Game, we get a sub-linear relay which means we don't need to have each and every block of foreign chains relayed, and even we can achieve "Relay on Demand".

TRUST relied

Custodian Model


Pledge / Collateral based

TRUTH based

A Super Light-client Protocol

Chain Header Commitment

MMR (Merkle Mountain Range)

Optimistic Verification Game

Relayer (Prover vs Verifier)

Economic Feasibility

Sub-linear Relay

Relay on Demand

MMR Block Header Digest

Merkle Mountain Range Block Header Digest. This MMR root is the root of previous block header hashes. Our chain relay first verifies if the block is within the longest chain. If yes, we can trust the info in this block and use its transaction Merkle root to verify the submitted transaction.


Optimistic Verification Game


Probabilistic sampling will greatly increase the difficulty and decrease the probability that an attack can forge a series of blocks without being detected and therefore punished.

Support NFT cross-chain transfer


Darwinia heterogeneous cross-chain bridge does not rely on collateral, so it supports small and high-frequency transfers such as NFT. It provides an important infrastructure for NFT to take over the Defi hotspot.

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