1. What can we do in the "Genesis Generation" stage?

RINGs and KTONs on Ethereum and TRON can be cross-chain transferred to Darwinia Mainnet.

CRINGs of Darwinia Crab can be swapped to RINGs of mainnet at a ratio of 100 to 1.

2. Should I participate in the "Genesis Generation"? What are the pros and cons?

Users must seriously think about their needs.

Pros: Users can participate in staking as soon as possible to get rewards.

Cons: Users' coins will lose liquidity for a while. May be until mid-November. TRON and Crab's cross-chain bridge has no plans yet, and it will take longer to lose liquidity.

3. Is there a deadline for "Genesis Generation"?

Yes. The deadline for "Genesis Generation" is 2020-09-24 8:00 UTC or 2020-09-24 16:00 Beijing.

4. Does "Genesis Generation" charge fees?

Only the transaction fee of the source network

5. When will the Ethereum-Darwinia mainnet cross-chain bridge open?

In the second stage of the launch (approximately 1 month after the end of the "Genesis Generation"), the Ethereum-Darwinia one-way bridge will be opened first, through which RINGs and KTONs on Ethereum can be transferred to the Darwinia mainnet network.

In the third stage of the launch (approximately 0.5 or 1 month after the second stage), the Ethereum-Darwinia bidirectional bridge will be opened, and RINGs/KTONs can be freely transferred between these two networks.

6. When will the TRON-Darwinia cross-chain bridge open?

Currently, the cross-chain transfer of RINGs and KTONs on the TRON to Darwinia mainnet can only be done during the "Genesis Generation". The TRON-Darwinia cross-chain bridge will be implemented in the fourth stage.

7. When will the Crab-Mainnet cross-chain bridge open?

Currently, the cross-chain swapping of CRINGs to RINGs can only be done during the "Genesis Generation". The cross-chain bridge of Crab-Mainnet will be implemented in the fourth stage.

8. When will RINGs and KTONs on Darwinia mainnet be transferred to Ethereum?

After the third phase of the mainnet launch, users can transfer their RINGs and KTONs between Darwinia mainnet and Ethereum through the Ethereum-Darwinia two-way cross-chain bridge.

9. How to participate in Mainnet Staking?

Before the second stage, only those users who are now participating in the "Genesis Generation" can participate in staking when the first stage of the mainnet is opened.

Other users need to wait until the second stage opens before they can transfer their RINGs or KTONs to mainnet to participate in staking.

10. How to deposit RINGs to get KTONs?

Currently, you can deposit RINGs to KTONs in the v1 version of Gringotts in Ethereum and TRON, but this function will be disabled when the "Genesis Generation" stage ends.

This function can only be performed on the mainnet in the future. Users can get additional KTONs rewards by locking their RINGs 1~36 months.

11. When can I transfer on Darwinia mainnet?

After the third stage of the mainnet is opened, users can transfer their RINGs and KTONs on the mainnet.

12. Can I genesis cross-chain transfer KTONs only?

No. Because when you are participating in staking on the mainnet, a small number of RINGs is required as a gas, so you must transfer some RINGs as gas to the mainnet. It is recommended to have at least 1 RING, which can be 100 CRING mapping to RING, or transfer 1 RING to the main network.

13. The deposit receipt can be transferred to the mainnet now?

No. It can be transferred to the mainnet only after the second stage opened.

14. How to get your Darwinia mainnet address?


15. Can the genesis swapping or transferring be executed multiple times?

Yes. As long as there is a balance that can be used.

16. What are the parameters of the mainnet?

One block: about 6 seconds

One Epoch: 2400 blocks ≈ 4 hours

One Era: 6 Epoch ≈ 24 hours

Unbonding duration (the days to wait after unbond): 14 days

Validator seats: 15

Council seats: 7

Technical committee seats: 7

The annual inflation rate is around 5%

Inflation allocation: 50% to Validators, 50% to Treasury

Transaction fee allocation: 20% to Validator, 80% to Treasury

Note: When mainnet is finally launched, some parameters may be adjusted according to the actual

17. How long will it take for the results to come out after participating in the validator election?

When getting into the next era, that is up to 24 hours.

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